I am trying to figure out this new device, looking for a simple answer. I have cable Internet with a proven speed of 30Mbits speed which is pretty good for watching TV programs from Internet sites. I also have a router for my home network. The router also works fine. Beside the desktop I also have a laptop which mostly use with network. On each PCs I watch for instance foreign TV programs when they are made available by the TV stations, i.e. ARD from Germany or BBC from the UK. Can I use the Chromecast from GOOGLE to watch these programs by plugging in the device into an available HDMI port since the device works on Wi-Fi. Can anyone explain whether this would work or not: getting to the website on the laptop for instance, switch the TV to the HDMI port were the Chromecast is connected.

So far I have not found a clear-cut answer to this question.