[RESOLVED] I can't print e-mail properly
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Thread: [RESOLVED] I can't print e-mail properly

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    Thumbs up [RESOLVED] I can't print e-mail properly

    Since the new sys that I put together in jan has win 7, I had to get a 3rd party e-mail client.

    So, I got one called "Post Box".
    I chose it because it was much like outlook which I have become accustomed to and, it's full featured.
    Also it was inexpensive.

    However, I can not print emails properly with it. I just get a bunch of meaningless symbols and letters.
    The same e-mails print fine in my other systems
    Also, I have no problems printing "outlook" (former Hotmail) emails on this sys .

    I went over every configuration I could find but nothing worked.
    Their support is mainly just a large list of FAQs but nothing applies.

    Any ideas? What configuration in an e-mail client might be causing this?
    As it stands now, if I get an email on this sys that I have to print, I have to also open the same e-mail on another sys to print it .
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