I have 3 computers connected to my router. One is for Linux and is not a concern for now. The other two run Windows, 7 on one machine and 8 on the other. Both have sharing turned on and each partition set to share with Everyone. My Win8 machine easily finds everything on the Win7 drives, but this does not work in reverse. Using my Win7 machine, I cannot find the Win8 machine. I have searched for help on the Web and found that most procedures fail at some point. I tried to "set up a new network," with the idea that maybe I could use something other than Home Group. Win8 will not allow me to proceed. When I select "create a new network," Win8 tells me to choose the router and says "this could take up to 90 seconds." It never goes beyond that point. It seems impossible to try to set up a new network. I can't find a way to make the Win8 computer show up for networking on my other machines.

Any suggestions?