I am running Win7 off of an old WD 320GB drive. I have a Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD and want to use it as my C: drive. Kingston does not offer migration software. They told me to use Macrium Reflect. I installed MR and used the "clone" option to clone my OS to the SSD. I was, however, unable to boot from it, even when I set the UEFI to only boot from it. The computer simply presented a message that I must install a "proper" boot disk. My mobo it an ASROCK Fatal1ty Pro (P67). I tried disconnecting the WD drive, but still could not boot.

Then I used MR again and selected the "create an image" option. I saved the image of C: and then booted from a CD recovery disk and restored the image to the SSD. The results were exactly the same.

What else can I do? Are there any errors in the procedure I used?