I want to wipe an old IDE laptop hdd I bought with two others. The others were fine, but when I tried to test and then wipe this 100G 7200rpm Hitachi hdd I got a lock icon on the Thinkpad T41 I had it in. One of the other drives, when in the Thinkpad for testing and wiping, booted a Mac icon, so this may have been in a Mac.

Does anyone know of a workaround that will get around the lock directly to a wipe or write zeros? I know there are issues of data security here, so a direct wipe will suit me. I can test it after it's wiped. I'm just trying to make this back into a drive I can use. I do have ancient laptops around, so old they would have 8Mb limits, if even that. They should be completely safe in terms of lacking ability to read any data on the drive, but might be able to do something to destroy partitions and data, and the lock.

Or are there tools that will get around the lock to rewrite the drive's firmware, destroying data in the process?

Most of the queries of this nature would be "How do I get around the password (lock in this case) to get my data?" In this case I want to destroy data and make the drive reusable, so data security is not the issue.