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Why do you have 2 cards in Crossfire if you do not intend to do gaming? One 7770 is well enough for Photoshop.

Depending on how much you're into audio, you might want to drop the discrete soundcard and see if the onboard audio of the motherboard is fine for you.
Onboard audio is a lot better than it was a few years ago.

Finally, sorry but the power supply you have chosen is a basement-bargain brand just waiting to blow up
I'd recommend to take a look at a higher quality and more efficient power supply. The Seasonic S12II 430B Shinma recommended above is a great choice, and way enough power for your system.
It might be slightly more expensive but the PSU is in some way the heart of the system so it's not a place you'd want to skimp on.

Otherwise, the rest looks good to me
Thanks so much!!!!