I have looked all over for a solution, but have not come across one yet.

I have an epson artisan 810 that is about 6 months past the warranty & all of a sudden has started to bring about 1 pixel solid line across the width of an image and about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch to the right & left of an image.

I tried changing the print settings on my computer & nothing worked. I then figured let me try to use the copier part of the all-in-one & got the same lines. I even got the same yellow lines when copying, using black & white.

I have tried head alignment & nozzle cleaning 10+ times in the past few days in testing & nothing has worked or changed the yellow line printing in any way.

Any ideas on what to try? I am very technical so I could open the printer & do things of that sort if it is required of fixing the printer. I understand they do not have all of that great of a shelf life, but I figured it would last longer than it has. And based on the amount of unopened ink I have already I am hoping to fix this issue so that I can use the rest of the ink I have.

If anyone has any solutions to try it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!