Hi All,
I asked a question about a month ago for my son who is in Afghanistan with a broken laptop about how to transfer files from from external HD to the new HD they were suppose to send to my son. Well the HD never got to him and now I have just requested that they send him a new laptop, its been over 6 weeks now and we are not moving forward at all. So they tell me yes they can send him a new one, but it will take time. 10 days later I send email to my contact at HP and he sends me info today for new laptop. Here is the NEW problem!! My sons computer is a HP Envy (m6?). The graphics on this laptop played my sons games well. Radeon 7660g graphic card. HP tried the first time to replace with Intel 4000 graphics, but I have read and found that to not be a good choice. So I call the guy from HP and tell him that I am getting very fustrated now, that it has been over 6 weeks and nothing is happening, and that 6 weeks to us here in the US with no computer is hard, but to my son, this is a life line and I am getting really pissed off now. So he sends me another email now and this computer is an HP Envy, dv6z-7200 notebook with a amd 7670M graphics. Now from what I am reading this is a crossfire card? I am having trouble finding this out. I now believe that he is trying to make up for it, but i dont really care for the crossfire. We have a desk top at home with the crossfire and ended up pulling out a card just to get it to run! Can you please help me out here and tell me if you believe this is a good replacement for the 7660G. I am just getting brain dead trying to figure it all out.

Thanks a ton!