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    Lightbulb Corsair SSD Toolbox Software

    Corsair has finally release it's own SSD toolbox software.
    While not in the same league as those from Intel and Samsung, it's better than nothing I guess.

    Corsair SSD Toolbox Software Overview - Better than Never

    One of the largest distinguishing factors between a number of the large SSD manufacturers and the enthusiast product providers has been a SSD software package. When purchasing an Intel, Samsung or even OCZ SSD, one of the perks has been a collection of software tools built-into a single interface. Most "toolboxes" display status information from SMART attributes, allow for on-the-fly firmware updates with the firmware downloading through the toolbox and the ability to secure erase the SSD without the hassle of making a Parted Magic boot disk. SSD toolboxes are great for a number of purposes and your SSD either has one, or it doesn't...

    For complete article,
    Click HERE
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    Do these software packages include tools for easily aligning partitions, etc. when preparing a drive for installation?

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    Not the Corsair SSD toolbox software.

    It includes a cloning software though but I'm not a fan of cloning from HDD to SSD.
    The above article is a mini review of utilities included in the Corsair Toolbox.

    Intel provides the *Acronis AlignTool.
    You can also try the *Parted Magic software.

    *Links provided in the Solid State Drive (SSD) info. thread/sticky.
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