Not using any currently, just following the news. Tried a live cd boot via usb of Mint XFCE but it didn't pick up networking. Last I actually used was Suse/KDE several years ago. At that time I was surprised to find that both Ubuntu and Fedora had booting issues with a pretty standard AMD/Giga/WD Sata desktop setup. Had more linux booting issues recently with a dual core Atom desktop board. Two current distros stalled, but the 32-bit Mint XFCE did boot enough for me to read the connected hdd before I wiped it. In this case I suspect it may have been ACPI issues in the bios settings. Both were 64-bit distros and I'd left the bios at defaults. I know there are a lot of IT guys using linux on their own gear, including laptops, but I haven't picked up any particular consensus on either a distro or a desktop.