For those who edit with the Avidemux software:

2013-03-19: 2.6.2 : Getting there

Mostly bugfixes, translations were partially re-enabled.

License changed to avoid people bundling avidemux with adware.

  • x264 dialog improved (KoolAidMan, steginger)
  • Fix project save/load when locales use , are decimal separator
  • mp4v2: Better management of constant framerate (jfx)
  • Fix editing when cutting on keyframes (jfx)
  • Added "Undo" function (jfx)
  • Better compatibility of h264 in avi
  • Updated libav* to 1.1.2
  • Fix dropped frames when copying
  • Partial management of non ascii filename for x264 stat file
  • Better A/V sync when creating avi

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