Hi guys,
i'm facing 2 problem & need some help from you.
1. This, there are some PCs that allow to use the usb flash disk. All i want is : people have to use the internal f.disk not their own f.disk. So, is there any software that can recognize specific flash disk & of course, it will block all of the uncategorized flash disk.
I already try USB Block, but this is not what i meant.

2. How to block YM from computer using IP address
i just want to give permissions to the users that using YM with a certain IP. Once when they're in the middle of the meeting, the users get a Dynamic IP. I have specific the dynamic IP and i want to block that IP address to prevent users using YM
Currently, i'm using Mikrotik. I've tried to block these port : 5050,5001,5051,5061 & 5151, but it's all useless.

Need some help.
Thank you