Beware of Kaspersky renewal scams
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Thread: Beware of Kaspersky renewal scams

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    Exclamation Beware of Kaspersky renewal scams

    The net is full of renewal complaint about kaspersky.
    The scam works like this ......

    One is first pestered to renew months early and it would be added on to the existing license. However, when you do, the new license wipes out the old one and any remaining time on the old license is lost.

    This is what people are complaining about and this very thing happen to me. Any and all complaints to "customer support" are replied to with generic messages implying that the user is at fault. and they refuse to deal with it

    So if you have have kaspersky do not renew early. Let it expire before renewing. Also when you do renew you now have to check "auto renewal" otherwise it will not go through. Then you have to jump through hoops to cancel auto renewal.......another scam .

    It''s about impossible to have any sort of conversation with a real person and everything seems to be handled by auto responses.

    I like their AV but this has given me real second thoughts about it.
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