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    Scanner Opinions

    I need to buy a scanner to scan paper invoices for my work. I want something that's fast but not crazy expensive. I don't care about scanning in color since I only need these to be saved on a HD or DVD if I ever have to give them to the IRS. I hate saving invoices for 7-10 years. I'd like to clean up the clutter. I've seen scanners over $10,000 and as cheap as $250 that can do this. I'd like to stay below $400. Does anyone have any suggestions of what would be best? 20-30 ppm is fine. I want something that isn't going to break after 100 uses. I read some reviews about scanners being great and the plastic was flimsy and breaking.
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    I bought a Fujitsu Scansnap years ago. Sheet fed at approximately your requirements. Folds up to be about the size of a football on the desk. It has been very reliable. My old model is about $415 these days, I see. I do note that it runs its own software, not Twain compatible, if that makes a difference to you. Like you, I am trying to digitize a lot of paper clutter.

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    I would suggest you to buy "Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 Color Image Scanner". It will cost you around $90/-.

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