When I tried to Load and Run Passpoint Plus on my XP PC, it worked, OK. There must be something about Vista. Then I brought my XP PC from home to the job site and I was able to connect to the panel. You were right about the Host ID Mismatch problem. Following your directions, I was able to reset the Host ID to FFFFF. Everything seemed to work, but when I tried to Enable some Disabled cards, or when I tried to Add new cards, those cards would not release the door strike. Instead, I get error messages that the card is not assigned to Account Group. Of all the cards I have, there is only one that releases the door strikes. I tried to Disable and then Enable that card and it responded as expected, so I know that I can control at least one card.
My next step is to re-load Passpoint on to the original PC, but I don't see how that will make any difference. Do you have any suggestions as to what I must be doing wrong?
Thanks, again!