Currently I have in my pc an AGP HD4670. Don't hate..

Anyways, it normally runs 39 C on average...has never raised above 42 C when busy.

Recently, I have acquired a nVidia 9500 GT PCI 1GB card....(yes PCI, not PCI-E)
I Figured, it has physx onboard...maybe some nvidia-friendly stuff might run better on that. So I installed it while keeping the AGP installed as well.

They seemed to run ok (ok in terms of functionality I suppose...I can't even pull more than 4 fps in Guild Wars 1 at lowest Res and reduced settings on the pci card..eesh even my standards have thier limits). AGP card seemed unaffected in terms of performance...

Temp for both cards seemed stable at just under 50 C.
However, from time to time the AGP card would suddenly spike to 90 C. First time I just reset and it went away for a while...but it happened again later on. I even placed my finger on the heatsink just to make sure...yes, very hot. Ouch, even.

So, I removed the PCI card...temps for AGP card back down to 39 C. I imagine everything is ok but I really have no way to verify the heat issue was related to the extra video card asside from the fact that it was the only change I made and the problem seems to have gone away.

Any idea what would cause that??

..Also, I know pci is very very very limited, especially since it shares the bus with my Sound Blaster...but really...4 fps in GW1? my agp which is only slightly newer has no problem maintaining 60...vsync limited. just curious.