[RESOLVED] determining CPU speed
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Thread: [RESOLVED] determining CPU speed

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    I may be having a major brain freeze but........

    After being away from building any new systems for a few years, I just built a new i7-3770K sys for myself
    with a Radeon 7870 GPU. Everything is running perfect and it's fast!

    However, I just ran "CPU-Z" and it recognizes and lists CPU as follows (with numbers rounded off)

    Core Speed -1604
    Multiplier -16
    Bus speed -100

    How do the these number represent the 3.5 gigs default speed? I know its 4 cores but, I can not make heads or tails over it. No mater how I do the math it does not come out right.

    Never mind............
    I ran CPU-Z while the CPU was under a 100% load and the numbers came out correct. Evidently, the MOBO/CPU throttles back the multiplier at idle speeds and OKs it somewhat at full loads. (16 to 37) The multiplier is not locked on this CPU.
    Like I said, it's been a while and I had a "brain freeze "

    BTW, I got a "Hyper EVO" cooler and the core temps never go higher than about 55c under prolonged full loads with an ambient temp of 80f.
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