problem automatically connecting to wireless network
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Thread: problem automatically connecting to wireless network

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    problem automatically connecting to wireless network

    Hello.....usually I can figure these things out, but so far, not with this one. Hope I can explain this so it helps.

    I have a 3 year old HP laptop running Vista 32bit. Up until recently, when I turned on the machine it would automatically connect to my wireless network as it should, and has, for a few years.
    Now, it not only doesn't connect, but I have to go through the procedure of manually connecting by entering the SSID and using the WPS button on the router. Even then, it's hit and miss.....sometimes it says something like 'Cannot retrieve information/settings from the router' a couple of times, and then eventually connects. When I check the box 'save this profile' after connecting, this doesn't fix the problem. Using WPS has no effect as well.
    I've tried manually setting up a new connection through the wizard, after entering all information it says 'access denied', but of course, doesn't say why. I've tried everything I can think of including logging on as the admin. even though my user account has full admin. privileges.
    One thing I've noticed is when I select 'Manage wireless networks' in the Network and Sharing Center, where you can change the order of which connection Vista automatically connect to, there is nothing listed. (Not sure if this how it should look or not)
    When I select 'Add', after I fill in a few things, it says 'Access Denied' again.
    No other settings have changed.

    Changes that took place prior to this:
    Laptop was sent in to have the 'no video' problem that was an issue with HP and others fixed. (taken apart with better heatsync installed and thermal paste on graphics card and cpu)
    Comcast (cable company) version of Norton Security Suite un-installed through add/remove.

    So.....any ideas or thoughts very much appreciated, and if any further information is needed, I'll be happy to do that.
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