I have a memory card reader on my Optiplex 960. I had the computer for a week now. Card reader worked fine. Today I went to put some pictures from my camera and the four drives were missing. Is this device listed as USB Mass Storage Device in Device Mgr? I know that they are supposed to be listed under Disk Drives and listed as TEAC USB bla, bla, bla devices. Four of them. Just wondered about the USB Mass Storage Device in USB devices.

Anyhow I went into the computer and unplugged the two pinout connectors, restarted, shut down, plugged them back in, restarted and now they are back.

So why do they like to disappear at times????? Got a new OS on the computer since last week.

Intel Dual Core 2 Duo 3Ghz, 4GB ram, 160GB HD is my specs. Windows XP and Win 7 installed.