Cannot change pop-up option in IE8
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Thread: Cannot change pop-up option in IE8

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    Cannot change pop-up option in IE8

    I have a problem in that all links and pop-ups now open in a tab and not a new window, this totally messes up NoAds running as it then closes every window.

    The option to change from "Always open pop-ups in new tab" to Always open pop-ups in new window" is there and can be selected but reverts back to tab mode every time.

    Can't find a relevant registry entry that would do this

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    I gave up on IE years ago. If you want to have total control of how your browser operates, try Firefox with the Tab Mix Plus add-on. TMP allows you to choose how, when, where pages open and close.

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    Not only Firefox but you should try Google Chrome also. I think it will be suitable browser for you because here is option to block popup ads. Hence whenever you open a website and there are popup ads then Google Chrome will automatically block them.

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