[RESOLVED] My PC is too noisy, needs advice which fans/PS to buy.
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Thread: [RESOLVED] My PC is too noisy, needs advice which fans/PS to buy.

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    I wanted to get it as cheap so what I did was using a Nactua NF-R8 in place of the fan used in the cheap PSU currently installed. Connected without as attenuator adapter, it was actually quite noisy ! not what I expected. So I now use the red wire between it's voltage connector and the 12v rail, and getting reasonable quietness, fan running at 1300rpm. Will of course monitor the PSU heat, if too hot will get a new PSU for the job

    I also installed an Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 LP (low profile 92mm) which so far is very quite and keeps the Q8200 Core2 Quad at 40c-45c with fan speed varying between 600rpm-1000rpm.

    Not sure about what to use as intake fan as, as I said, the NF-8R at full speed is not quiet. Will running it ULNA (800rpm) be good enough ? as I said it is not a gaming machine, but quite standard.

    I also found that there's a dedicated place for a 120mm fan on the left cover, so I wonder if it would be ok to use that one instead of the rear 80mm fan.
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