Installing SSD on nForce 780i board with NO AHCI
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Thread: Installing SSD on nForce 780i board with NO AHCI

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    Installing SSD on nForce 780i board with NO AHCI

    I'll be installing a pair of Samsung 840 Pro 128gb drives (RAID0) in a few days.

    From what I understand, AHCI is absolutely preferred in order to get the most out of an SSD. Unfortunately, my board doesn't support it. And yes, I'm on the latest BIOS.

    Last week I attempted to install Windows 7 x64 on a pair of Intel 520 120gb drives. This went horribly wrong. Windows would install fine, but would blue screen and crash repeatedly as soon as it attempted to boot for the first time. I did some research and found several instances of people with nForce 7-series boards having the same problem with Intel 520s.

    I returned the 520s in favor of a pair of 840 Pros. I am hoping the compatibility issue was strictly with the Intel drive, and not with SSDs in general.

    Does anyone have any experience running an SSD on a board with no AHCI capability?
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