I just purchased a new video card for my old Acer M3100 that I dual boot the original Vista and Windows 7 on. I bought a new Asus Nvidia GeForce GT 610 video card to play Skyrim. Windows 7 will install the drivers with absolutely no error messages but upon rebooting they won't load and I'm stuck with basic VGA. I booted out and back to Vista and loaded them and they installed fine as well and upon rebooting into Vista they actually load! My Windows 7 install is a recent clean install because I tried upgrading to Windows 8 and didn't do a clean install and it borked itself on all my legacy hardware. Does anyone know why a clean install won't load new video card drivers but my old Vista install loads them fine? (Yet another reason not to abandon the Vista Beast, Vista is the last OS that recognizes my (2) Rio Karma MP3 Players.)

Can anyone help me figure out how to get Win7Pro64 to load the drivers?