I'm really new to this forum and hoping someone can help. My friend's computer started blue screening randomly last week seemingly out of nowhere (no lagging, no blue screens prior to that day). It kept reporting different errors:

There was also a POST and some memory related errors from what I remember. He tried rebooting the computer and got different errors almost every time while trying to run tests/get back on to windows. Sometimes it would get to the desktop and others it would freeze while in the BIOS. After about an hour on reboot the computer stopped going to BIOS and now has power but there is no video(it seems to be running but won't actually post or boot, not that we can see). We've swapped out RAM and purchased a new power supply but it's still the same. He got a new mobo/CPU a few months ago before the problem occurred and switched both of them out for the old ones and nothing changed. He unplugged the monitor from the video card and tried to use the onboard and nothing there either. We're kind of stumped here.

Any help would be appreciated.