Hello there, former poster here (from about ten years ago) looking for a wee bit of advice. A fairly simple question, but I'm out of the loop nowadays as far as techie stuff is concerned, so I feel like more eyes on the issue would help.

Basically, I have an old-ish but capable PC which I assembled in 2009, and it's served me well in the two intensive tasks I most often demand of it: Photoshop and playing GTA4.

Current specs:
* Asus P5Q SE (P45) motherboard
* 4GB PC2-5300 RAM
* Q6600 @ stock 2.4GHz
* Radeon 4770 512MB video card
* 2x SATA HDDs, 250GB for OS/programs which is half-full, and 2TB for data

However, it's getting a bit slow now when booting up, accessing directories, etc. Deep down it still does the job, but needs an OS reinstall/upgrade fairly urgently ~ I'm still on XP. I've decided to replace my C: drive with a SSD while I'm at it, and upgrade the RAM to PC2-6400 so that I can overclock the processor. The overall effect will hopefully be very noticeable.

However, I'm aware that GTA5 is coming out in 2013, and I'll definitely want to buy it ~ it's the only game series I'm interested in. My dilemma is, will the upgraded system as described below be enough? If so, I can invest in the parts and the whole thing should hopefully last another 2-3 years for a much lower cost than a ground-up rebuild. I appreciate I'll have to upgrade my video card as well, although I can hold off on that until the game's released:

Suggested future specs:
* Asus P5Q SE (P45) motherboard as before
* Q6600 @ 3GHz
* 8GB PC2-6400 RAM
* 250GB SSD drive for OS, 2TB SATA HDD for data as before
* Radeon 7850 2GB video card (or whatever the equivalent is 12 months from now)

I appreciate that nobody knows the system requirements of GTA5 yet, and any answers will be guesswork. However, you'll likely have much more experience than me in assessing how a PC like this can cope with today's games.

Thanks in advance,