Overclocking HELP!!! -- i740 (Real3D AGP 8mb)
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Thread: Overclocking HELP!!! -- i740 (Real3D AGP 8mb)

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    Overclocking HELP!!! -- i740 (Real3D AGP 8mb)

    I have an i740 (Starfighter). I only payed $30 for the board (new in retail box) and would like to experiment with it.

    Does anyone know of any good overclocking utility that can be used with this chipset or card?

    Please advise,


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    You can't really o/c a i740 card with software, but Powerstrip helps a little by adjusting the memory speed.

    You can o/c the AGP bus from 66MhZ to 100MHZ by setting the AGP CLK settings to 1/1 if you have a 100MHZ bus system.

    I had a Eontronics Picasso 740 8MB board that I o/c'ed with powerstrip which gave me 76fps in Forsaken in 800x600 24bit color. It used to be about 45fps.

    Then I o/c'ed the AGP bus to 100MHZ and put a fan over the heatsink to keep things cool. Then I got 89fps in 800x600 24bit color.

    That's freakin fast for a 2nd gen. card!

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