Will Microsoft restore Start Menu to Windows 8?

The canning of Steven Sinofsky 15 days after the launch of Windows 8 could signal the start of Microsoft dealing with lukewarm reception to its latest operating system.

6:29PM EST November 13. 2012 - The firing of Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky, just 15 days after the launch of Windows 8, raises questions about whether there will be a return of the traditional Windows Start Menu.

Microsoft's not saying. But there are a couple of developments suggesting that might not be a bad bet.

First, to catch you up: Sinofsky, a one time aide to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, was summarily let go by CEO Steve Ballmer on Monday night, two weeks after the much hyped Oct. 26 launch of Windows 8. Until then, Sinofsky was head of Microsoft's Windows division. WIndows 8 is his baby.

Arguably the boldest change Sinofsky insisted on was to cut off Windows users cold turkey from the familiar Start Menu interface. He outlined his philosophy and rationale via a blog post written in connection with the Build developers' conference held a few days after the Windows 8 launch...

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