Hi all

First question here for a long time, but this still seems as good a place as any to ask it

I'm finally upgrading my CPU and mobo this week. The trusty Q9550 and P35 mobo have served me well for about 4 years as I haven't had the money to upgrade them until now. In the meantime I've changed my graphics card twice, but am suffering from the law of diminishing returns there, as the CPU is bottlenecking my GTX480.

So I have a Z77 mobo and i7 3770 arriving today. As this new CPU has the same number of cores as my current one (4), do you reckon I can get away with swapping my existing Win 7 x64 hard drive straight into the new hardware? I know there's a separate issue around motherboard drivers, (particularly SATA controller) causing BSOD's when changing to a new mobo, and an ideal world I'd do a fresh install, but I've used Acronis' Universal Restore features successfully in the past to get around this issue. So it's just the question around the CPU specifically that I'm interested in.

At the end of the day, I've taken a full image of my current Win 7 install, so I guess I've nothing to lose by trying. Worst that can happen is it doesn't work and I have to go for the reformat after all......