I use old notebooks to take to work, for internet access, and occasionally to run a crew bill estimate program on Excel. I've lost two in just over two years to damaged screens in falls (or being run over) from a bike, so I need to keep them cheap. Currently they are Thinkpad X31 and T41's. Recent changes in the routers and router conifg at the two theatres I work at most frequently have forced me to upgrade the wireless cards from B to G. I've acquired several mini-PCI wireless G cards, Broadcom and Intel. Intel card in the T41 is working fine but the Broadcom card in the X31 that I want to use most of the time is connecting and getting good signal strength but can't load a page.
It's been a learning process. The Broadcom card was set by default in the Advanced settings to B only and I thought I'd finally found the issue. No. Searching for drivers for an Intel 2915 A/B/G card to replace the Broadcom led me to a posting that Intel has not made Win7 drivers for those cards. I had already considered that the issue with the Broadcom card might be a Win7 driver. The X31 is on 7 Enterprise, the T41 on XP. But the EOL for XP means I'll have to consider another solution. I've bought a usb wireless dongle but on a laptop that has to live in a backpack this is not a very good solution. Going to investigate linux drivers for the old cards and a dual boot for Excel, but I'm not happy about this.

Neither MS or the hardware manufacturers are standing behind their customers.