Cannot record a DVD-rw, it says I have no permission.
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Thread: Cannot record a DVD-rw, it says I have no permission.

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    Cannot record a DVD-rw, it says I have no permission.

    I used to record my backup in a DVD-RW per day (1 dvd-rw per day from monday to friday), but since last week, I 'm having problems while recording, it starts, and then at about 40% it says, that I need permission to record.

    Then If i format the DVD-RW and try again, it works perfect, but when I try to record for the 2nd time (next day) it gives me that error again.

    What could it be?

    Windows 7 32bits.
    Using default windows burner software.

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    Maybe try some different software? There's a free version of Nero which will do simple CD/DVD burning.

    I personally wouldn't entrust my data to a rewritable disc anyway though. I did that once a few years ago, and when I went to read the data back from it, the disc was unreadable (this was despite the writing process completing successfully).
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    Yeah, seconding dannyboy here. DVD-RW has a limited number of rewrites and are not that resilient in the first place, so if you've been doing that for a long time and not changed anything else on the system (especially the DVD drive or burning software) it might just be that the disc is on its way out.

    You could try buying another DVD-RW disc to find out if it helps, but you might want to move to something more resilient for backups like an external HDD.

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