Darik's Boot and Nuke - Errors
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Thread: Darik's Boot and Nuke - Errors

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    Darik's Boot and Nuke - Errors

    I am trying to use Darik's Boot and Nuke program to wipe out everything from a hard drive from an e-machine computer T3304 and I get the following:

    [???] Unrecognized Drive
    [???] Unrecognized Drive
    [???] Unrecognized Drive
    [???] Unrecognized Drive
    [ ] ATA Disk (and more hard drive information is provide)

    I select the last option and run DBAN. Then I get the following errors:

    DBAN finished with non-fatal errors.

    *ERROR /dev/sdc (process crash) *ERROR /dew/sdd (process crash) *ERROR /dev/sde (process crash) *ERROR dev/sdb (process crash) *ERROR /dev/sds (process crash) Press and hold down the power button to shut down.

    Do you guys know might be going on?


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    "I know nothing."

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    Good find, Shinma. Brings to mind the statement on the Dban instructions that it will nuke any drive it can see. So don't let it see any other "drives."

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