tnt 16meg VS voodoo 3000
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Thread: tnt 16meg VS voodoo 3000

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    tnt 16meg VS voodoo 3000

    Ok, i dont want to spend all that money on a tnt2, because i wannt the tv out put, and it wo9uld cost 200 dollars, for the tnt2. So i am going to buy either the tnt w/tv out, or the voodoo3000 w/tv out, cause it is only 149. Which one is better? the tnt or the V3 3000? I have a celeron 450. I think the voodoo would be better but am not real sure. Any advice is apprecitaed


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    The Voodoo3 has comparable image quality with blistering speed. A TNT2 Ultra 32MB is the only card to compete with the Voodoo3 3000 (and usually only if you overclock them). If your no REALY interested in speed and can get a good price on the TNT with TV out ($100 or less) then you might consider it. But if you want speed its the Voodoo3 3000 or TNT2 Ultra.
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