Lack of Coordination Doubles Data Breach Risk
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Thread: Lack of Coordination Doubles Data Breach Risk

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    Lack of Coordination Doubles Data Breach Risk

    The marketing department tells you when and why its collecting personal data, right? Wrong.According to a recent survey from Microsoft of 3,600 security, privacy and marketing professionals in the United States, the UK and Germany, 78 percent of respondents believe their marketing department informs security and privacy executives of what its up to with personal data collection, yet only 30 percent of marketers said that that is in fact what they do.Thats only one finding that exemplifies how lack of collaboration is hurting companies when it comes to figuring out how to protect data. The survey was released on Oct. 23, the same day that the company released its most recent Security Intelligence Report, an analysis of the current threat landscape. Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Microsofts Trustworthy Computing Group, planned to present the results of the survey in his keynote address at the International Association for Privacy Professionals Privacy Academy in San Francisco.Brendon Lynch, Microsofts director of privacy strategy, told eWEEK that, in a span of time thats seen a 150 percent increase in phishing attacks and a 500 percent increase in the detection of Trojan downloaders and droppers malware thats all bent on stealing personal data poor collaboration between organizations data handlers has led to twice as many data breaches over the past two years compared with companies that have good collaboration in place.

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