I'm planning to buy a 24'' monitor. I'll mainly use the display to work with text, internet and for movies. Much less for games (so far I have too weak hardware, although this may change). Is important for me that the monitor had a D-Sub (only such I have in my notebook) and DVI. I considered BENQ LED GL2450HM , Philips 247E3LPHSU and Acer G245HABID.
However I met with an advice that it is better to look around for a IPS panel. I drew attention on the: 23'' LG IPS235V-BN, Iiyama Prolite XB2374HDS and DELL U2312HM. I noticed that these three gather the most positive reviews, but which to choose? And whether it's worth buying one inch smaller display but with IPS panel or maybe 24'' TN?