[RESOLVED] Motherboard for socket P/mPGA478MN T-series Core 2 Duo?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Motherboard for socket P/mPGA478MN T-series Core 2 Duo?

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    Are there any motherboards that I can use for a base in building a Core 2 Duo T7250 system (socket P - mPGA478MN)?

    After making some laptop upgrades of late, I have a T7250, some ram, a hard drive and a bunch of other parts already lying around. I was thinking of making a very small, lightweight system (microATX or even ITX).

    The problems that I am running into are:
    - It seems that socket P/mPGA478MN was only implemented on laptop boards.
    - If I use a laptop board as the base, then I pretty much have to find all the compatible parts or just upgrade an already existing laptop. (Both of which seem expensive and not the direction that I want to go.)
    - I remember that - back in the day - there were converters to adapt a processor for use in a non-native slot. Some of these worked okay, but I can't find anything like that.

    I have built a lot of desktop systems and upgraded a lot of laptops, but this is a new area for me. Can anyone with more experience in this type of build please help me out?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to the site...

    The cpu was kind of bottom of the barrel when it came out..Doubtful it would be an upgrade for any lappy that will take the chip... Odds of finding someone that could use the chip are also probably slim.

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    Thanks. Yeah, I knew it was kind of low-end. I was looking to make something simple out of the chip and memory, but - after more research - apart from laptop usage, the itx motherboards that could use it are way too expensive.

    Thanks again.

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    Ebay or google about for an Asus IMISR-VM, we've got tons of those at work with mobile 965 chipsets and T5800/T7250s etc..
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    Thanks, Justintime!

    That board looks great. Now I just have to find one - no look on eBay or Google so far. :-(

    Thanks again!

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