[RESOLVED] need the name of my motherboard
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Thread: [RESOLVED] need the name of my motherboard

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    Thumbs up [RESOLVED] need the name of my motherboard

    I need it and cant figure out how to without buying soft ware..... my computer is generic.... Please i need to rebuild!

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    Safest method,
    Model should be printed right on the mobo,
    Typically between the PCI/PCI-E expansion slots or edges of the mobo.
    Conduct a corresponding websearch to identify/confirm brand.
    e.g. LINK

    Use of software, may or may not be correct.
    Examples of software, CPU-Z, PC-Wizard, Speccy...
    "I know nothing."

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    Belarc advisor is very good at detecting the motherboard and the computer components. It can be found at http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html
    Gilles Lussier

    HWC Folding@Home Team

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