Monster FusionAGP & BH6 MB?
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Thread: Monster FusionAGP & BH6 MB?

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    Monster FusionAGP & BH6 MB?

    I have a celeron 366ppga and diamond Banshee AGP video card. BH6 motherboard. Running Win 98. I can not get Win 98 to load my vid card.I Have tried everything. I even read the instructions. Can one of you help?


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    Did you just install IE5? If so, there is a .dll file that the monster fusion driver installation overwrites. Check the 'readme' file, it has the name of the file in there. It has to be replaced in the Windows directory. Also, check to make sure that you have removed ANY previous VooDoo drivers and cards before installing (if there was one there before). Also, try going into your bios and make sure that you are loading your video from the AGP. Hope this helps.
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