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Thread: AGP or PCI Video

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    AGP or PCI Video

    I have a chance to buy a Voodoo2 in either PCI or AGP. I read somewhere that there are no advantages in the AGP version except that it can use the system memory, I was also told that I would get the same performance from the two. Is it worth the extra money for the AGP?
    I guess I should have looked at the other post first, but still would like opinions.

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    If you are shopping price than you don't want performance. Save up your money and buy a TNT2, they are faster and better. AGP is alot better than the PCI and faster because it runs at 66mhz or 133mhz for a 2x card. It is your money.

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    With the V3-2k you prolly won't notice any difference between the pci and agp (maybe a few stats, but prolly nothing you'd actually see). The V3-3k in agp only.

    As for TNT or V3, depends what kind of processor you have. Generally if you have faster, tnt will work well. If not then go V3. V3 still has better support for AMD right now, but nvida is supposed to come out with 3d-now supported drivers soon.

    As for better? don't buy till you try is my motto (or at least buy them both and return the one you didn't like If you decide to go V3 - get the V3-3k(which is agp only), get the o/c util, and you'll have a V3-3500 for a lot less. V3-2k about $100, V3-3k about $130.

    As for pci v. agp - as I said, w/v3 you prolly won't notice, but going agp frees up a pci slot that can be used by something else...
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