[RESOLVED] Making Fedora 14 Install Disk
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Making Fedora 14 Install Disk

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    I'm trying to make a Fedora 14 install disk. I downloaded the 32 bit DVD format from this website:


    My new computer, which currently has no operating system whatsoever, won't do anything, it just shows a blinking cursor (unless I enter BIOS setup).

    I chose the DVD format because my computer is not connected to the internet and I wanted to install as much of the software I would need right from the start.

    Any ideas what went wrong and what I could do differently?

    Things I know I did correctly:
    <> All necessary hardware is detected.
    <> The optical drive can read/write all CD and DVD formats so compatibility is not an issue.
    <> The primary boot device is set to the optical drive.
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    Is this matter resolved? It is marked as such-if it is, could you please post what you found the issue to be?

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