[RESOLVED] Freeware parental timer for windows xp?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Freeware parental timer for windows xp?

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    Not really worried about filtering out web or chat content. Would like to be able to set a range of times per day the computer can be used without a password.

    Did a bunch of searching in google. All seem to find are trials and demos. As well as bundled software (mostly logging and filtering as well) which I don't really need.

    Did a search in this category of the forums for parent, timer and found nothing. So I did try before posting.

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    Windows 7 comes with parental controls:

    Microsoft - Set up Parental Controls

    Once you've turned on Parental Controls for your child's standard user account, you can adjust the following individual settings that you want to control:

    • Time limits. You can set time limits to control when children are allowed to log on to the computer. Time limits prevent children from logging on during the specified hours. You can set different logon hours for every day of the week. If they're logged on when their allotted time ends, they'll be automatically logged off. For more information, see Control when children can use the computer.
    • Games. You can control access to games, choose an age-rating level, choose the types of content you want to block, and decide whether you want to allow or block unrated or specific games. For more information, see Choose which games children can play.
    • Allow or block specific programs. You can prevent children from running programs that you don't want them to run. For more information, see Prevent children from using specific programs.

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    hehe, dos. How old school. No wonder couldn't find that. People would be like command prompt, I can't click on anything

    I'll give that a try. Thanks.

    My only question is that will it force the user off at the set time or do you have to wait till they actually log off? Then they can't get back in?

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