[RESOLVED] Laptop Standby Issue
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Laptop Standby Issue

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    I've recently bought a Dell L501X Laptop. I7 processor, 6 gb ram, running Win 7 Ultimate. When I bought the laptop I deleted a bunch of crap, useless programs that Dell installs.

    I started having problems with the Standby mode, I would close the lid and it would go to sleep, when I opened the lid it would start up except the screen wouldn't come on. I made sure all the drivers were updated but still wouldn't work. I decided to do a reformat and install on the OS, I usually do this when I purchase a new computer anyway, clean it up.

    Everything is running good but still the same problem with the screen not coming on when I open the lid.

    Now the part I don't understand and never noticed before.
    I always use a USB optical mouse with the laptop. I noticed last night if I have a USB mouse plugged into the back USB port on the laptop and close the lid, the screen doesn't come on when I open it. If I take the mouse out of the port before closing the lid and open the lid without the mouse it always come on.

    I tried the side USB port, if I have the mouse plugged in and close the lid and open it, it works perfect, screen comes on. Now if I leave the mouse in the USB port, close the lid, pull it out, open the lid the screen doesn't come on.

    I am thinking a possible hardware issue with the USB ports but wanted an opinion? Is there anything I can try to fix it?

    Sorry for rambling, hope all this make sense.

    Thank you,

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    Device Manager->Mouse properties->Power Mgmt->Allow this device.....

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