PC will not boot - no POST
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Thread: PC will not boot - no POST

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    Thumbs up PC will not boot - no POST

    I have a PC that is fairly new (a couple years old). When trying to power up, the drive lights will come on and the fans (chasis fan and CPU fan) will spin for 5 -10 seconds then they stop spinning, after another few seconds the same thing keeps happening and there is no video display and no beeps.

    I replaced the power supply with the same result. Can anyone identify the problem?


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    Check that the CPU heatsink is clean and properly mounted. Reseat the ram. Check for bad caps on the motherboard.


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    No Luck

    I re-seated the RAM, removed the CPU heatsink, cleaned it, applied new heatsink compound, re-booted and no luck.

    I removed all devices - drives and eSATA interface card, tried a new video card without any luck.
    I have concluded the motherboard is at fault. I looked for obvious bad capacitors, but saw none.

    I am thinking about replacing the motherboard, but I will not be getting another Gigabyte board (GA-EP35-DS3R). I will see if I can find an equivalent ASUS board. I have always had good luck with ASUS.

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    The exact same thing happen with one of my systems just a few days ago.

    Long story short, It tuns out it was the ASUS MOBO (P4G8X) that was the basis for an old, P4 (3.06 G) northwood sys.
    So, even an ASUS MOBO can go bad.

    BTW after searching the net for a replacement P4 board, I discovered about the only one currently avalible was a relatively new Biostar board (945GC-M4) that also supports DDR2 and has a PCI-E-x16 slot. I already have a PCI-E video card on hand gathering dust

    So, I ordered it and will need a bit of luck with that one.
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