I have spent 2 solid days trying to install any recent release of Linux. I wanted to upgrade from Ubuntu (v 7, I think) to v 10, but the online attempt to go to v 8 failed. When I tried to install v 10 from the live CD, it failed because the HD could not be found. I then tried and failed to install recent versions of Mepis, PCLinux, Mint, OpenSUSE, Debian, Sabayon. The live disks run fine, but not one of them could find my HD. But... when I tried an old version of Mepis, it installed and ran. An old version of Kubuntu also installed and is running now.

The HD is a WD1200JD (SATA). It obviously works. I also did a wipe and reset the boot sector using the Western Digital tools. Can anyone tell me how to figure out what is going wrong? Would a new HD work, or is the Asus mobo just too old? Is there any test that will tell me? The old versions of Linux are not attractive, but the new ones look quite nice. What to do???