Currently running Passpoint Express 1.1 (yeah I know) on Windows XP. I can manage cardholder activity without too much trouble, but except for the realtime event log window, I cannot access any cardholder activity history. When the program was first installed n my old Windows 98 system everything seemed to work ok. Under each cardholder record I can click across the tabs and when you get to the last tab - Events/Activity - you could specify parameters and it would display all the events pertaining to that cardholder. That no longer works; you can request data all day and it can't find any events. Even with setting card trace tag on a cardholder.

The dealer who sold it knows about as much as my 83yrold mother. With the help of my ISD we've tried the fix for the 1.12 file fix, that didn't really apply to us. I'm not even sure where my event data is. Would the fact I dont have a printer assigned to the program have anything to do with it?
Sorry for rambling.
Any help very much appreciated.