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Thread: Savage4 ???

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    Savage4 ???

    All the benchmarks that I viewed for the savage4 Pro chipset are poor in relations to TNT2 and v3, especially at high resolutions. So what is the deal with Savage4. Is it a case of too little, too late or is it really a wolf in sheep's clothing?? So it has excellent texture compression, but how does it perform??
    How is it on AMD especially?? Forget the false benchmarks and reviews, let's actually here how it stacks up?????

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    Well, when I first saw the Savage 4 on the S3 site, I was like, "ooh, wow!" but I was quickly distracted by the TNT 2 and Voodoo 3. If it doesn't really pack the punch when it comes to comparing the Savage 4 to the TNT's and Voodoo's, then what is it that's going for the Savage 4? Is it a cheaper alternative? If so, just how much cheaper is it?
    S3 on many ocasions, have been the cheap alternative to an average video card. Is the Savage 4 simply that again?

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    I do know much about Savage4 chip. I do know that it has impressive S3TC compression capability. Check out the result of this compression compare to other cards. I'm still learning

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