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    Hey! I'm sorry to keep bothering everybody like this but I'm getting kinda interested in possibly acquiring a V3.....but I'm not sure whether to go with the 2000 or the 3000. I currently have a Matrox G200 Millenium 8mb card. It does a pretty good job and I'm interested in upgrading but I don't know if I should. I keep hearing that the V3 is better for AMD systems....which I have. (K6-2 300) I'm going to upgrade my system to the K6-2 450 soon. I hear good things and bad things about the Voodoo 3.....and I'm just wondering what advice some of you would have on getting one or not? Thanks for your time! I appreciate it!


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    Go with v3 2000pci and keep that matrox.

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    If you want to go with 3dfx, I would recommend the 3000, so you'll get the wider bandwidth of the AGP slot, and you can overclock it even more.
    The V3's 2D won't leave you missing your Matrox.
    I have the 3000, and you won't hear anything negative about it from me.

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    Well I have the 2000, and in your system, right now anyways, thats all youll need. the processor you have right now is not going to show any improvement with the 3000 over the 2000, because it doesnt have enough cpu power behind it. If you get that 450 soon then I would go with the 3000. And also you cant put a v3 2000 pci and a matrox in there at the same time because they are both 2d/3d cards. I have a 2000, and its overclocked to the base speed of the 3000, 166, with no problem what so ever.
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