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That "Here it is" is the link to the eventfix zip file. That is only to fix the "Index is out of date.
Table C:\Program Files\Ademco\Passpoint Plus\Data\ACSEVENT.DB" error message. If you're having other issues, what are they? I may be able to help, or get the right info
When we first boot up the program we get the following error:

Different sort order
Table: C:\Program...\acsacnts.DB

When we click OK we get the next error:

.VAL file is out of date.
File: C:\...\UserList.VAL

Finally, we log in and get the last error:

TBLUserList: Cannot perform the operation on a closed dataset.

I've tried replacing the acsevent files as described, but nothing changes. Any ideas? My boss is about ready to trash the whole system and replace it, but I'd like to see if we can avoid that.

Any help would be appreciated.