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Thread: [RESOLVED] More old CPU questions

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    Hello guys, been quite a while since I've posted..don't know if anyone I knew is still even around but..

    I've become a 3rd/4th generation buyer.

    Just curious, I upgraded my cpu which at first seemed cut and dry but now I'm just trying to figure out where I stand.

    SC2 got a small pinch better,which was all I was really hoping and expecting for (I'm really waiting on extra ram to get here to finalize the upgrade).

    Had a 2.2 Ghz 3100+ thorton and found a 2.2 ghz barton for cheap so I jumped on it.

    Now that it's here its Identified (written on chip, in BIOS, and on cpu-z) as a AMD Sempron. Clock is still 2.2 Ghz w/ 512k L2 cache which was all I was really caring about but the "Sempron" title throws me off.

    I google for it and only sempron info I find is athlon 64 type semprons. THis is a socket 462 motherboard.

    Core IS identified as a barton but just trying to find out WTF. Is Sempron just a different name as opposed to Athlon XP or does it have a slightly differnt core?

    Not many articles were written for it I guess as I cant find anything talking about THIS particular kind of sempron.

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    Despite being advertised as a budget line of AMD processors, Sempron socket A processors are simply re-branded Athlon XP processors. Unlike the previous generation of budget processors, AMD Duron, which had some CPU features crippled, the socket A Semprons incorporate all of the features of Athlon XP CPUs. Sempron socket A processors have 333 MHz (166 MHz DDR) bus speed, 256KB or 512 KB level 2 cache and are manufactured on the 0.13 micron technology. All Sempron processors support SSE instructions.

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    There were socket A Semprons-


    Some of the later ones were based on the Athlon 64 and Socket 754.


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    Ok thanks guys.

    Just making sure I wasn't getting some scaled down core or something.
    Works great though

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