[RESOLVED] Yahoo E-mail "Keeps me signed in" always checked
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Yahoo E-mail "Keeps me signed in" always checked

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    Thumbs up [RESOLVED] Yahoo E-mail "Keeps me signed in" always checked

    When I try to login to yahoo e-mail, there is a check on the "Keep me signed in". Before when I used to uncheck it, the computer did not kept it checked everytime I tried to login to yahoo.

    I went to Tools, Internet Options and deleted the cookies in Internet Explorer, but when I go to you yahoo e-mail, that box is still check, and have to uncheck it everytime so that I will not be connected all the time.

    I typically check my e-mail in three computers and this only happens on one computer.

    Do you guys know what needs to changed so that when I uncheck something like this in the internet, the computer does not keep it check next time I come to this page.


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    I think this is the new default of the web site. Under the check it says : [Uncheck if on a shared computer]. You can modify the time before it log you out in the option of Yahoo mail. I guess it works on the other PC because there not considered has main PC. I found 2 yahoo related object on my pc.
    C:\Documents and Settings\TCHP\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\TW3XK8Z9\login.yahoo.com
    C:\Documents and Settings\TCHP\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\#login.yahoo.com

    Both contain .sol file I'm not sure if they would really change something.
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    I went to the yahoo-email account settings - I don't remember changing anything just saving settings and this seem to fix the problem. It has been working fine for awhile.


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