keyboard loopback?
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Thread: keyboard loopback?

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    keyboard loopback?

    Does anybody know how to go about creating keyboard loopbacks for either PS2 or DIN sockets? Cheers.

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    yes, there is:
    fugitivethought[DOT COM]/projects/keyboard-loopback/index.php

    Also, i read that:
    A Keyboard loopback is not a simple circuit.

    The BIOS actually poles the keyboard controller to verify that it is present and operating.

    If you cannot disable halt on keyboard in the BIOS error code section, your next best option would be to buy a used cheap keyboard.
    Tear the keyboard apart and mount the circuit board in a small box and just plug it into the PC.

    The BIOS does not care if the keys are there, just the controller IC.

    from techrepublic[DOT]com[DOT]com/5208-11184-0.html?forumID=56&threadID=165157&messageID=1689178&tag=content;leftCol

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